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You have a problem: Your client is ready to sign the contract but wants their seat covers quilt stitched to mimic the look of their new luxury car. You don’t have one of those expensive quilting machines and the pattern will be nearly impossible to stitch. You fear you may lose the sale because of this. 

OmnAvia has the solution! When you select our leather you and your client select one of our patterns to use for an insert. For a customized pattern we work with you to determine the stitch pattern and create pre-production samples for client approval. We’ll produce panels for seat back and seat bottom inserts and return them to your shop for final seat cover fabrication. You give the client the custom interior they want without the heavy investment in equipment, floor space, and machine maintenance costs. You have the choice of quilt stitching, embossing, or perforation. We have patterns that are a combination of two of the three finishes.

The process is easy.

  1. You and your clients select a leather quality and color, and a pattern.
  2. We collaborate to determine panel sizes required to fit all the cabin seating or side panels.
  3. We produce the panels and return them to your shop for cover production.

You know how tedious quilt stitching is … one minor mistake and the panel is ruined, costing valuable time and materials. It’s stressful and time-consuming.

Imagine: With today’s technology, you can now offer the same upscale seating designs that the big shops offer or expand your capacity if you have multiple projects with competing deadlines. Computerized quilting and perforating is fast, precise, and offers a multitude of standard or customized patterns.

Call us today to request samples and a quote. Let’s get started on that next amazing seating creation!

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Our selection of standard quilted patterns gives you the ability to design seat covers that rival those of the big shops. Take a look at the pattern gallery to appreciate the range of stitching patterns available. Several are combined with custom perforation accents that are simply amazing!

Look closely at the perforated hole sizes in these patterns – the gradated diameter of hole sizes add a dimensional element to the seat cover pattern that brings a new level of sophistication not available from most shops. And… if you have a pattern design in mind that you do not see here, call us! We’ll help you sketch out what you want and create a custom design for you that will be unique to you and your client.

Explorer Aircraft Fabric


Explorer Aircraft Fabric


Vinyl Aircraft Fabric


Specialty Aircraft Fabrics


Grospoint Aircraft Fabric


Vinyl Aircraft Fabric


Prestige Aircraft Fabric


Prestige Aircraft Fabric



Looking for a different unique treatment for your lower sidewalls? Consider embossed leather! We offer the five standard emboss patterns shown here, plus a range of other unique looks that create a textural surface treatment that is unrivaled. Just reach out.

Specialty Aircraft Fabrics


Vinyl Aircraft Fabric


Specialty Aircraft Fabrics

Large Weave

Vinyl Aircraft Fabric

Sea Scales


Leather perforation has long been a technique that adds an elegant detail in luxury seating design while increasing seating comfort through improved air permeability. You can choose from a dozen standard perf patterns at our standard pricing, or create your own pattern for a premium perforation creation that will surely “wow” your client.




Omnavia is here to help you offer seating concepts to your clients that have not been previously available to you. 

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We can assist you in developing an interior that is attractive, maintenance friendly, and will match the budget for your program.