Design & Interior Renderings

Turn Client Decisions into an Enviable Aircraft Experience

It’s been a long time coming; the anticipation of a new interior offered thrills along with a few apprehensive chills. Now you and your client just need to choose materials and colors for everything. Upholstery. Carpet. Side panel coverings. Headliner. Curtains. Veneers. Typically, a number of nagging questions (like these) arise:

    • “How will that carpet really look in their airplane or will my design communicate the proper image to the client?”
    • “What if I select the wrong colors or they ultimately don’t like the new interior?

It’s enough to drive clients – and you – a little crazy. Fortunately, OmnAvia offers the ultimate solution — cabin rendering lets you see the possibilities.


    Seeing is believing: Digital design visualization eliminates the guesswork.

    Once the materials have been selected for the new interior, we can create a visual representation of the new cabin décor for your client. Our Cabin Rendering Service will take actual material samples that they have selected, overlay them on the furnishings in a photo of their aircraft, and create a visual image of the new interior developed for them before the work begins.

    Bespoke Interiors by VVIP interior designer Natalie Rodriguez

    Take a look at a few of Natalie’s before-and-after examples she created using materials from the OmnAvia Interiors portfolio of fabrics, carpets, and leathers. You’ll see the old interior, her curated color palettes, and the updated interior created using her selection of our materials. Enjoy the inspiration!

    Scheme A – Mid-Size Cabin Jet – Light Earth Tone Palette “Crewe“

    Scheme B – Small Cabin InteriorMid-Size Cabin Jet – Mid-Grey Palette “Gris“

    Scheme C – Large Cabin Jet – Light & Bright Palette “Crème Brulèe”


    If for any reason you (or your client) feel the need to bring in a seasoned professional to consult on the interior décor, we highly recommend Natalie Rodriguez Luxury Design.

    Our friend Natalie has many years of experience in designing cabin interiors for multiple VVIPs, heads of state, and celebrities.

    You will find Natalie to be personable, humble, and highly qualified from an aesthetic as well as a technical perspective. She will bring to your clientele the confidence of working with one of the world’s finest luxury cabin interior designers.

    As you can see, this helps take the guesswork out of the color selection process

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