About Us


Who We Are

OmnAvia Interiors LLC is a distributor of interior products and services to the business, private, VIP, and general aviation industry. Founded in 2012, we offer materials to support refurbishments and completions for all your business and personal needs involving aviation, automobiles, and yachting. Our specialties include custom carpet design, aircraft carpet kits, curtain fabrication, interior panel recovering, and interior design services. We seek to offer a variety of price points to compliment our wide range of customers, from the small aircraft operator to the VIP yacht owner. We are your one-stop-shop for interior decorative textiles!

What is OmnAvia™, and what does it mean?

From the root words “omni,” meaning “all,” and “avia,” meaning “flight,” OmnAvia Interiors is your source for all of your aircraft, marine and automotive interior requirements.

Customer Commitment 

We strive to cultivate long-term, committed customer relationships that allow us to continually provide our customers with the highest level of service in the industry.

This allows us to offer each customer:

  1. High value, prompt delivery, and service devoted to customer satisfaction at all levels.
  2. A full portfolio of interior decorative and protective products with a wide selection of styles and colors, whether the customer is in the aviation, marine, or automotive interiors market.
  3. Competitive pricing and excellent customer service to match.

Our Core Values


Develop and maintain a highly skilled professional workforce knowledgeable and capable of providing organizational leadership; establish, implement, and improve upon world-class business and quality processes; and treat each member of the workforce with respect, dignity, and kindness.


Develop and maintain a quality management system that will allow team members to perform on the key administrative and product processes that will provide tangible value to internal and external customers.


Establish supplier relationships to attain the highest value products; develop delivery schedules that exceed customer expectations; and constantly improve product quality for subsequent customer interactions.


Establish and constantly improve upon key administrative and production processes that guide our internal customers and are expected by external customers.

Mother Nature

(Environment) Continually improve employee knowledge and compliance to environmental, health, and safety requirements that will enhance individual safety, the company’s future, and the planet.

Safety Certifications

OmnAvia provides burn test reports and a Certificate of Conformance with all materials delivered for an aircraft installation. All flammability testing is performed by an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER). Safety is always our utmost priority.

Professional Affiliations

NBAA – National Business Aircraft Association

JetCabin Freshbook

AOPA – Airline Owners and Pilots Association

Our Products

With carpets that offer a large variety of beautiful textures and colors, fine European and New Zealand leathers and Australian sheepskins that speak luxury and durability, exceptional headliner and window panel faux leather, a broad variety of woven upholstery fabrics, and a great variety of accessory textiles that help to complete the installation, OmnAvia™ Interiors is your one-stop location for creating a dream interior for your or your client’s personal or business aircraft.