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OmnAvia Interiors offers a complete portfolio of materials for interior refurbishments and completions for all kinds of projects for both business and personal vehicles. From aircraft and yacht completions to automotive restorations, we work hard to address our clients’ unique needs. 

OmnAvia specializes in custom carpet design, aircraft carpet kits, fabrics for curtain fabrication and interior panel resurfacing, as well as basic interior design services. Our vast inventory of materials offers a full breadth of qualities to suit all our customers’ specific requirements. In addition to our decorative collections, we provide seating and acoustic foam, insulation materials, sundries, and a multitude of other flame-retardant fabrics.

Browse through our online product and service categories below. Within each category, you’ll find our extensive array of materials and specialized refurbishment services. You’ll discover dozens of upholstery options, carpet styles and colors, European leathers, Australian sheepskins, panel fabrics, and more to help you assemble a full array of finish spec materials that fulfill the level of luxury that is best suited for your next project. 

If you like what you see, contact us for a free sample collection for you or your showroom! 

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Check out our Flight Deck Collection:

Apollo Series of genuine aircraft products – Perfect for Flight Simulators