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Foam for Cushions, Soundproofing, Carpet Underlay, Etc.

OmnAvia™ Interiors supplies the latest technology in aircraft seat cushions to the aviation industry. Our cushions are fabricated from the most advanced fire-resistant foam products that combine the optimum characteristics of resiliency, durability and weight-savings.

OmnAvia Foams

OmnAvia™ is pleased to offer our latest development in FR seating foam, AeroFoam, a flame-retardant graphite-impregnated foam that is available in six different choices of comfort for total customization of seat cushion design.

Compare our pricing to that of the well-known brand of fire-hard graphite foam. You will be rewarded with a significant cost savings when you confirm pricing. Our price per board foot is significantly lower; our sheet sizes are larger, yielding higher utilization; and the performance is equal to or better than the other guys.

AeroFoam offers compliance with the FAR 25.853(c) oil burner test in combination with most dress covering fabrics without the need for additional “fire-blocking” materials. Providing excellent contours and seat definition, AeroFoam offers substantial improvements in physical characteristics and reductions in weights on most cushion designs.

The high-resilient nature of graphite allows for a denser cushion built at lighter weight. Utilizing graphite-filled foams, you can now build extremely comfortable cushions that can decrease an aircraft’s typical fuel consumption.

Graphite’s increased thermal capacity transforms our foams to be inherently flame retardant. These foams can be used with or without fire-blocking fabric and still pass FAA/EASA testing requirements.


AeroFoam’s years of research and development have been poured into four different densities for their comfort foams to ensure they are comfortable, safe, and practical enough to fly. From the feather-soft feel of our 2.0 pcf pink foam to the extra firm feel of AeroFoam’s 5.2 pcf blue, this broad choice of resiliency ratings offers you the ability to manufacture cushions to suit your particular requirements, regardless of the intricacy and complexity of the seating design.

For your convenience AeroFoam is color-coded by compression to make it easy for your interior shop to select the correct firmness of comfort foams from your inventory for cushion fabrication and is available in a large variety of sheet thicknesses. For your sewing and lamination requirements we also offer AeroFoam 2.0 (pink) pcf and 3.1 pcf (grey) densities in roll form in ¼” and ½” thicknesses, with and without scrim. The ample 61-inch width of the roll offers much higher yields than any competitive product.


In addition to their Comfort Foams, AeroFoam is available in two firmness options for memory foams. These foams are open cell, flexible polyurethane foam that have high viscosity and high density, but slow recovery. The higher the density, the more the foam softens when heat is applied, allowing it to mold to a warm body in minutes. These features give memory foam its unique qualities and give it class-leading attributes for comfort, vibration and sound dampening and shock absorption.


We also offer other foams for your interior fabrication requirements.

  • OmniFoam 1570 is a pink sew foam with scrim that meets 14CFR 23.853 horizontal burn specs.
  • OmniLite is a sandable headliner and padding foam that is offered in two thicknesses, available by the linear yard and in 52” wide rolls.
  • OmniPad OI-2590 is our new carpet underlay pad that combines our ¼” OmniLite foam with a flame-retardant fiber batting to offer a safe, warm and quiet barrier between the aircraft carpet and floor panels.
  • HDPU Foams



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