Business Jet Interiors

Cabin Care

OmnAvia introduces our new On Board Interior Cleaning kit, making it easy to carry onboard to care, clean and provide professional upkeep for aircraft interiors. We take pride in this range of aviation-grade interior cleaning products, which include leather cleaner, leather conditioner, fabric and carpet spot cleaner, metal polish, wood care, glass cleaner, ink and gum remover.

Whether it’s a spill, an ink spot, or a crack in the leather, waiting to address it will not make it easier to clean. Cabin crews need to be cultivated and trained to care, clean and keep up interiors on the spot before small problems become expensive ones. Aircraft interior detailing assures the materials longevity and over all cabin experience enhancement. Detailing includes steam cleaning, dirt removal, stain removal, leather conditioning, scratch repair, wood and metal surface polishing, touch-up and minor repairs. Our laboratory tested and approved materials are used to retard the deterioration of cabin interior surfaces over the years and keep them looking fresher longer.

OmnAvia Interiors offers Callington disinfectants and hand sanitizers for general aviation (Business Jets) and select MROs globally. Our Disinfectant Netbiokem DSAM can reduce the chances of spreading viruses, including COVID-19. Netbiokem DSAM kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi & mycobacteria.This product has been approved by World Health Organisation, Aircraft Material Specification 1453, Boeing D6-7127, Airbus CML. It is non-flammable, non- corrosive and safe to use. It can be applied by spray or with a suitable fogging machine. Calligton’s Kiose 320 wipes have been specially developed for the efficient disinfection & cleaning by crew members during flights for cleaning of telephones, headphones, oxygen masks, knobs and all your IFE gadgets. Ki-ose will not harm or damage plastic, fabric, metals, rubber or other surfaces and it is safe for skin. It is approved by Aircraft Material Specification 1453, Boeing D6-7127, Airbus CML. It has following properties-

  • Wide spectrum surface disinfectant (Ebola, Coronavirus, Flu, HIV)
  • Non- Flammable
  • Suitable for use in food preparation areas
  • Kills 99.99% of most harmful bacteria, viruses & fungi.