Behind the Seams: How Your Foam Choices Impact Your Comfort

Aug 23, 2023 | Blog

Support Materials

When it comes time to design or update an aircraft’s interior, most people focus on the final materials and layout they like visually. While this is important, what is arguably more important are the materials like textiles, fabrics, and foams that are not seen. These “support” materials are what make the airplane or helicopter safe and comfortable for passengers and pilots. The choices you make about these materials have important effects later on and cannot be overstated.

Just as critical is the time it takes to search for and order these materials. Sourcing from multiple vendors requires an investment of valuable time that could be better spent prospecting, working the installation, or better yet, relaxing with family and friends. OmnAvia solves that problem for you by stocking a full range of foams for nearly every interior application.

Seating Foam Choices

Foam is a part of every section of an airline chair or couch including the headrest, back cushions, armrest, and bottom cushion or leg rests. Foams of different types and densities are used in airline chair cushion designs to maximize comfort and meet the safety standards of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). OmnAvia offers two types of seating foam options, OmnaFoam Platinum foam and OmnaFoam Gold foam, to meet every need and requirement.

OmnaFoam Platinum Foam

OmnaFoam Platinum Foam is lightweight, durable, and fire retardant. We offer foam sheets in various grades from ½ inch – 2 inch thickness and foam rolls in ¼ inch – ½ inch thickness with or without scrim. You can choose the amount of cushioning that is directly right for your preferences to maximize your comfort during long flights. OmnaFoam Platinum foam is also compliant with the 12-second vertical burn test, as well as the oil burn test mandated by the FAA. This foam is the standard for larger aircraft safety and comfort.

OmnaFoam Gold Foam

OmnaFoam Gold Foam is manufactured specifically to meet the requirements and standards of small aircraft, marine, and automotive applications. We offer all grades of OmnaFoam Gold Foam in ½ inch – 2 inch thickness and our OmnaFoam Gold Foam rolls include a laminated scrim that provides a sewable option in a medium firmness solution. OmnaFoam Gold foam is also compliant with FAA 15-second horizontal testing requirements for safety.

Carpet Padding and Panel Coverings

We offer three types of padding and covering materials for airplane interiors including OmnaLite, OmnaPad, and OmnaFoam. These materials are available in a variety of densities and hardness ratings to match your comfort preferences. They are also ideal for interior applications in general aviation, private aircraft, marine, and automotive industries, depending on your needs. These products provide carpet padding, soft touch panel padding, and localized vibration absorption to quiet the interior space.

OmnaLite, OmnaPad, and OmnaFoam

Both our OmnaPad and OmnaFoam comply with the 12-second vertical burn requirements. OmnaFoam also meets 15-second horizontal burn requirements for foam thicknesses less than ½ inch. OmnaLite, OmnaPad, and OmnaFoam are used as cushioning under the final, decorative material for carpets and seats to provide passenger and pilot comfort.

OmnaFoam is also approved for usage in additional cabin panel insulation and noise reduction. It meets all flammability and fire resistant standards outlined in Chapter 5 and 6 of the Aircraft Materials Fire Test Handbook. OmnaFoam is available in a variety of rigidities and thicknesses to create a more enjoyable cabin experience while still meeting safety standards.

OmnAvia is proud to offer our customers the best materials for aviation interior safety and comfort. We source our foams domestically and regularly stock a wide variety of materials at our facility to ensure faster delivery times for our customers. The materials you choose to use in your aircraft matter and make a lasting impact on your comfort.

In our next posting, we will cover our insulation and flame-resistant fabrics for fire blocking and flame barriers that we carry in inventory. Until then, happy flying!