Behind the Seams: How to Choose Fire-Resistant Fabrics and Insulation for Your Aircraft Cabin

Sep 25, 2023 | Blog

The Materials You Choose Matter

The materials you choose for your cabin’s seats, carpet, and insulation matter not just for your comfort, but also for your safety. The visual aspect and design of the cabin interior are an important part of the decision, but the materials “behind the seams” are truly an investment in your passengers’ and your future safety.

OmnAvia provides premier fire-resistant fabrics and insulation options you can choose from to meet your aircraft type and application requirements. OmnAvia personalizes each design process by sourcing only the best material options for customers to choose from, resulting in an efficient and custom experience every time.

Flame-Resistant Fabrics for Aircraft Cabin Interiors

All fabrics used in an aircraft cabin must, at the very least, be flame-resistant. The Federal Aviation Regulations apply to cabin materials based on the aircraft’s gross takeoff weight (GTOW) and operating certification (private use or “for hire” aircraft. Having flame-resistant fabrics can slow the spread of a fire, reducing aircraft damage and increasing the escape interval for passengers and crew on board in a survivable crash.

According to FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) 25.853, cabin fabric must be able to withstand flame exposure for a 12-second or 60-second vertical burn fire test. OmnAvia’s flame-resistant safety fabrics are all compliant with the 12-second vertical testing standard.

OmnAvia’s “Behind the Seams” fabrics are used as wear and sewing surfaces for foams and paddings used in cushions and covers. The safety requirements for these fabrics are dependent on the aircraft assembly they are used in. OmnAvia provides various fabrics and material varieties so your cabin interior is attractive and compliant with all industry standards.

In addition to flame-resistant fabrics, OmnAvia also offers fireblock fabrics as well. Fireblock fabrics are wrapped around seat cushion foams and delay the ignition of foams and other materials in the event of a fire within an aircraft. All fireblock materials meet both the vertical burn test and the Oil Burn for Seat Cushion test, also known as the Fireblock test, requirements set by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

For flame protection, OmnAvia takes it one step further by offering hook and loop fastening tape that is also flame-resistant. Hook and loop tape is suitable for aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications. It is composed of 100% nylon, treated with a flame retardant that meets FAA and FMV specifications.

OmnAvia strives to provide the best quality aircraft cabin materials for optimum comfort as well as safety, so you can get back to enjoying the activities you love the most. OmnAvia has got you covered.

Aircraft Cabin Insulation Solutions

Aircraft cabin insulation provides two vital functions. One, insulation works to reduce ambient noise in the cabin to create a more peaceful and relaxing flying experience and two, insulation helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin regardless of flying altitude, weather patterns, or time of day. Strip insulation is often applied to the inside of the aircraft skin, between the skin and the outer wall of the cabin interior to maximize insulation performance.

OmnAvia offers Comfort Panel™ strip insulation to customers seeking effective, high-quality, and safety-rated insulation materials. Comfort Panel™ insulation has been specially designed to be available in a variety of thicknesses and widths to match each customer’s custom requirements. Although OmnAvia provides strip insulation in standard 50 foot rolls, the insulation batts must be cut to fit the aircraft. Cut sections can then be closed with seaming tape, available for purchase from OmnAvia. Strip insulation is compliant with the 60-second vertical test standard to ensure aircraft and passenger safety.

When you work with OmnAvia, you will have no regrets, only peace of mind that you’ve received the highest quality aircraft cabin materials available on the market. OmnAvia not only provides materials for optimum comfort and design, but also materials with the highest flame-resistant safety standards for when you need it most. Our service is personal, and our quality is exceptional.

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