Product description

Have you held in your hands a leather that made you think to yourself, “This is butter!”? You will when you feel the velvety texture of Gaucho™, the premier leather in the OmnAvia stable. Gaucho™ is a micro-pigmented thick aniline leather with natural grain and an exquisite soft touch. This leather is special, and not for every application. It speaks of luxury. It is the one leather that the aircraft owner will want for her or his executive seat, and if he or she is feeling magnanimous, will spec for the rest of the plane as well.

The European hides of Gaucho™ are available in 20 specially selected sublime shades that will add the high-touch element of warmth and beauty to the aircraft, creating a feeling of pure bliss as it cradles the passenger in its lush softness.


Weight: 2 ¾ – 3.0 oz. per sq. ft.
Thickness: 1.4 – 1.6 mm
Abrasion, ASTM D3884-01: > 1000 cycles
Colorfastness, AATCC 16E: Min. Class 4 (40 hours)
Flame-resistance: Meets 14CFR25.853(a) 12-second vertical burn

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