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Flight Deck Collection™
for Flight Simulator Hobbyists!

If you are a Flight Simulator Enthusiast and want to have the OEM-specified materials on your seats, then OmnAvia Interiors is your go-to source for those items.

We carry a full range of fabrics and sheepskins for AMI, Ipeco, Zodiac and other manufacturers of aircraft crew seat cover assemblies.

Have a look at the fabrics and matching sheepskins below. These are the predominantly used materials on your seats.


A) if you are a "do it yourself" type person, we can supply you with the materials needed to make your seat covers on your end

B) if you would prefer to have us make your seat covers for you, send us your old seat covers and we will produce customized finished covers for you and ship them to you upon completion

With OmnAvia’s Flight Deck Collection™,
you are now cleared for takeoff!

OmnAvia’s Flight Deck Collection™ - Swatch Gallery

click images below for enlarged view (opens in new browser window)

2041P-74   CSC 008 steel
C29374/44   CSC 024 CHARCOAL
05586-0101   CSC 013 DARK BROWN
5581 Paris Blue Wide   CSC 019 Dark Blue
OmnAvia’s Flight Deck Collection™ - Swatch Gallery

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Flight Deck Collection
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For more information, such as pricing and lead times, to request sample(s) or to place an ORDER, please call OmnAvia™ Interiors at 336.331.3394, or use our quick & easy
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When contacting OmnAvia™, please make note of the Product Type (Flight Deck) and the Swatch Name & Item Number
CSC 008 STEEL for example)




















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