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About Aircraft Fabric

With over 50 years of experience in aircraft interiors, we know aviation fabrics. Our decades long extensive involvement with Boeing, Douglas Aircraft, Airbus, Bombardier, Honda Aircraft and other OEMs, as well as with numerous airlines, seating manufacturers and interior mod centers, has given us a broad knowledge of the interiors of a vast array of aircraft.

We are well versed in the technical requirements and flammability specifications for airline textiles. Got a question? Just call us – we’re happy to help you!

We can show you a wide array of new upholstery fabrics, supple faux leathers and beautiful FR vinyl fabrics from which you can develop an exciting décor for your aircraft.

Is your requirement urgent for retrofitting an airplane? View the swatches of our aircraft fabrics, and then call us for samples of our in-stock fabrics to match your carpet, leather and headliner selections.

OmnAvia also carries an array of non-decorative fabrics to help you finish your interior project. We supply FR muslin and canvas materials, fireblock fabrics for your seat cushions, nylon pack cloth for seat cushion assembly supports and cover reinforcement, and other miscellaneous fabrics. These are sold by the yard so that you can buy only what you need to finish your project.

Whatever your fabric needs may be, call us. We will assist you in developing an interior that is attractive, maintenance friendly, and will match the budget for your program.

Take a look at the swatch galleries above of our large selection of surface solutions for your aircraft requirements. Then contact us to let us know what you need. We will promptly assist you!

Aircraft Leather


About Leather

We believe that a quality finished product begins with first rate materials. We offer the finest European leathers for you, with a focus on quality as our first objective. Our tanneries' craftsmen know the importance of every detail of the processing of leather, from inspection of incoming raw hides to the importance of drum dyeing the base color with an integral flame-proofing agent, to finishing hides to provide the highest yield in the cutting room. Our craft is not only what we do, it is our passion. The satisfying look and feel of true elegance using soft leathers that make your aircraft feel as comfortable as home.

Aircraft Sheepskin


About Sheepskin

OmnAvia™ Interiors offers a variety of twenty sheepskin colors that will compliment any aircraft décor. Aesthetically, sheepskins suggest a lushness that no other seat cover material can offer. Practically, sheepskin covers are cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and offer moisture-absorption properties that make sitting on them very comfortable over long-haul flights. Frequently sheep skin is the preferred seat cover material for crew seats.

Aircraft Faux/ IZIT® Leather

IZIT® Platinum FR
IZIT® Breathable
IZIT® Enhanced
IZIT® Junior

About Aircraft Faux/ IZIT® Leather

IZIT® Faux Leather has been used for over 25 years to enhance the beauty of aircraft interiors. Our key product for use as a headliner, sidewall and window panel and glare shield covering is IZIT Platinum FR. The product manufacturer, Willow Tex, has a state-of-the-art production facility in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. The advanced technology of IZIT Leather's patented Eco-Cel system makes it the most environmentally friendly synthetic leather in the aviation industry. The process uses no water in production, consume 90% less energy and 80% less solvents than the standard way of making PU leather. If going GREEN is important - and it IS important - then IZIT Leather is the natural choice.

Why Do Top Aircraft Manufacturers and Private Aircraft Owners use IZIT Leather? Here are the key reasons:


Minimum order requirements for our standard colors are very low (Call us!) and our prices are very competitive when compared to other brands in the market. And we ship within 24 hours of order placement, often on the same day as you order.

Aircraft Vinyls

Patriot Plus
Spirit Millennium

About Aircraft Vinyls

OmnAvia™ is proud to present a broad selection of vinyl fabrics for your consideration. In addition to the well-known Naugahyde products Phoenix and Spirit Millennium, we offer a nice selection of alternate choices for seating and side panel accents.

You can also choose from well-known products such as Patriot Plus, Whisper, and Nuance. These products meet 14CFR 23.853(a) Horizontal burn requirements.

Speciality Aircraft Fabrics


About Specialty Aircraft Fabrics

Fabrics “behind the scene” are a part of making your aircraft interior functional and compliant to FAA standards. OmnAvia™ provides solutions to many of those requirements.