Aircraft carpets provide a foundation for the aircraft cabin décor. Advanced textile technology enables carpeting to be durable, stain-resistant, and flameproof, as well as complimentary to the aesthetics of the other cabin elements. New finishing chemistry allows us to produce floor coverings with a significant difference in weight compared to standard carpet. Today’s carpets are sometimes made of eco-friendly yarns (100% recycled content) while still ensuring optimal technical performance, flame-resistance, and excellent durability. Tough competition has stepped up the game and increased the strength and life expectancy of carpets while ensuring passenger safety.  

In the world of non-textile flooring (NTF) new technology now gives us additional options to decorate the  flooring for galleys, aisles, lavatories, and cargo holds. These materials are easy to install, require little care, and are puncture-proof, which means low cost of ownership and long service life. Advanced properties like non-skid and non-stumble surf ace finishes make the products very safe, even with water exposure. These types of flooring use pressure-sensitive mass transit adhesives or double-sided tape on rolls or cut-to-size segments that makes the installation process very easy for maintenance crews.