Aviation MRO’s See New Opportunities with Growth of Post-Pandemic Air Travel

Sep 14, 2022 | Blog

Recent aviation industry reports have stated the obvious: that the Covid pandemic has hurt the bottom line for almost every company involved in the airline business (except cargo carriers). It has been a tough couple of years, but MROs and Mod Centers have seen a faster recovery as more private, charter, and business jets have been brought in for updates.

Now that everyone is flying again, the major carriers are struggling to add more flights to accommodate the influx of passengers to popular destinations. Commercial airlines are desperately seeking to hire more airline and ground personnel following the pandemic downturn while aiming to keep costs at bare-bone levels. It is a difficult situation. The pent-up demand for air travel is creating a surge of passengers that many airlines cannot yet manage to satisfy. Traveler complaints about canceled flights, missed connections, lost luggage, and poor service are at an all-time high.

regional jets add service

This means an opportunity for growth for commercial airline- and biz-jet MROs as more planes are called into service to carry the increase in traffic. During the pandemic, people with the means and desire to travel invested in their own private aircraft or increasingly turned to charter carriers to get where they needed to go. This brought MROs some essential new projects when many others in the industry remained quiet. Some outfitters feared that this work would slow again once the big carriers resumed full operation, but word is that private and business jets are maintaining their levels of service. As a wise traveler famously said, “once bumped to first class, you can never go back to coach.” This same wisdom appears to hold true for those fortunate enough to fly smaller, less congested, and more luxurious business jets … it is hard to go back to crowded airports.

The experts in the industry predict that revenues for modifications and interior overhauls will pick up as both commercial and private will be looking to revamp their aircraft. The climb may be slower for shops that focus solely on commercial carriers that are still in the red, but the pent-up demand for air travel is driving the need for updates to satisfy the passengers.

This presents business- and private-aircraft MROs with a chance to gain significant revenue in the next few years. Mod shops that can turn jobs quickly and efficiently will be best positioned to take advantage of the upswing in requests to repair, maintain, and overhaul existing aircraft. This is a chance to get ahead before the large airplane manufacturers roll out the new planes that have been on order, but on hold due to uncertainties of the pandemic.

So how can you take advantage of this opening to increase your airline revenue? Offer more flights, make the flights more comfortable by refurbishing the aircraft interiors, and help get people where they need to go more easily. Adding staff to reupholster seats and refresh cabinetry will increase profits for the shops that can handle increased activity. Freshening the aircraft carpet, airplane seating upholstery, and modernizing the interiors of your planes will be a solid investment that will net dividends as quickly as you can make the updates.

Whether you are looking to furnish a luxury jet with fine leathers and hand-tufted carpet or refreshing a line of regional jets with posh-looking, durable yet budget-friendly fabrics, we let you get the job done quickly and expertly.

OmnAvia is your one-stop source for luxury aircraft interior materials. We take the hard work off your team by providing a complete line of interior soft goods. Our selection is exceptional, and we deliver superior quality, great customer service, and competitive pricing that will allow a fast turn on any refurbishment project. OmnAvia also can shave time and labor costs with custom carpet kits that will fit your model perfectly. Our team is experienced, precise, and able to tailor to your specific needs.

OmnAvia Managing Partner Robin Butler explains that “we know mod centers are busy managing multiple projects, so we built our OmnAvia Interior business around the idea that we have everything they need for any aircraft interior project. We provide the highest-quality product at each price point, and get any material, leather, or carpeting our clients require to complete the interior design.” Let us provide a quote when you are considering an interior upgrade on your fleet (or private jet).

OmnAvia is your one-stop source for luxury aircraft interior materials.

Our portfolio of finish spec materials for installation in private aircraft, regional, and business jets include:

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