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IZIT® Leather XRT: Willow Tex and OmnAvia Interiors introduce the newest "bull in the stable" - IZIT® Leather XRT™ – engineered specifically for commercial aircraft seating. This new product is the culmination of years of development, and it is a WINNER! Our research team had several metrics to achieve, and they surpassed expectations.

Lower Weight: IZIT® XRT™ comes in at scant 10.6 oz/sy (360 gsm), saving fuel and lowering carbon emissions

Anti-viral & Anti-bacterial Top Coating: Our clear protective top coating can be made with permanent additives to help keep the cabin safe from disease.

5 Year Delamination Warranty: Willow Tex warrants that IZIT® Leather XRT will not delaminate within its first 5 years

Zero Corrosion: XRT’s flame-retardant is inherently conjoined within the PU substrate and is salt-free. This intermediate layer never contacts the seat frame or cushion foam, assuring corrosion-free performance.

Robust Durability: Independent testing proves high abrasion resistance, superior tensile strength, high color fastness to sunlight and crocking (rubbing) and excellent stitch tear strength.

Excellent Flame Performance: When oil burner tested on DAX 26 foam without fireblocker, the weight loss result was 6.24%. Burn across was 15.2 inches. With IZIT® XRT’s aramid back cloth, fire block fabric is not needed.

Improved Haptic: Touch and feel of IZIT® XRT™ is more like that of natural leather, and it is easy laminate and tailor to the seat cushion and seat frame.