IZIT® Leather XP-A

IZIT® XP-A Collection

Blue Jay

Another commercial airline seating product from Willow Tex is IZIT® Leather XP-A. This robust faux leather boasts an aramid backer that is hefty enough to go over a polyurethane cushion and in most cases meet oil burner test requirements without an additional fireblock layer. IZIT® XP-A has the durability of the other IZIT® Leather offerings and is 50% less the weight of natural leather, again saving fuel burn expense for your aircraft operations.


We maintain 1000 LY of a dark grey and navy blue color of IZIT® XP-A for those seat refurbishment programs that need a very quick delivery and a product that is sure to meet flammability requirements. CLICK HERE to request a color sample and specification guide.