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Aircraft Carpet Kits

Now that you have selected your new OmnAvia™Aircraft Carpet, who will fabricate your carpet kit? You may have that capability in-house. If so, great! We ship to your door and offer serging thread to match your carpet.

If, however, you need your new carpet cut and trimmed to install in your aircraft, we provide that service to you. We've done complete kits for Boeing, Arbus, Bombardier and Embraer aircraft for years. Our skilled craftsmen cut your carpet pieces with precision to match the old carpet layout.

We serge and bind the carpet edges in the same fashion as the existing kit. We offer double-sided carpet tape to help you complete your installation.

We recommend that you ship us the old kit so that we can give you the best possible fit for your new carpet.

Our prices are competitive, and we can generally turn around the fabrication inside of three weeks after receipt of the carpet.